Volčík Variants

Variants are a common alternative spellings that occur for a specific surname. The Guild defines a variant as a name spelling which varies from the primary name spelling (or another variant spelling) used by that person’s ancestors and which is:

  • A name spelling that the person was known to have used, through signature evidence on wills, marriage bonds etc or other documents originating from the individual concerned, or
  • A name spelling used by officials on a consistent and persistent basis over a period of years.

For the purposes of the Volčík Name Study, the following variants are being investigated:

Name Soundex
Volcik V420
Valčík V422
Volček V420
Válčík V420
Volčíková V421
Volčiok V420
Vasilčík V422
Volčkova V421
Wolcik W420