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Unraveling the Origins and Prevalence of Myths of Indigenous Ancestry

Genealogy is a captivating journey that uncovers the stories and histories of our ancestors. Along the way, we often encounter family legends and myths that spark our imagination and curiosity. One prevalent myth that frequently emerges is the belief of having Indigenous (native) ancestry. In this post, we will delve into the origins and prevalence of these myths, exploring the factors that contribute to their formation and their prevalence in genealogy. Additionally, we will provide guidelines to consider when exploring claims of Indigenous ancestry, promoting accuracy, cultural sensitivity, and respect.

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Find a Grave: Not All It Is Cracked Up to Be

Find A Grave is a popular website that allows users to search for and locate grave sites of ancestors and other notable individuals. The website also allows users to create and manage memorials for deceased loved ones, and to share photos and other information about...

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Martin Wolcik (1903-1971)

Martin Wolcik was born on January 28, 1903, in Harris County, Texas to parents Joseph and Frantiska (Clawson) Wolcik.In 1910, Martin lived with his parents in Harris County, Texas."United States Census, 1910," database with images, FamilySearch...

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Josef Volčík (1830 – before 1920)

Biography Josef Volčík was born in the small town of Vsetín, situated in the historical Moravian lands of the Austrian Empire, under the rule of Francis I, first Emperor of Austria. While his headstone, one of the original clues to his birthplace and lineage,...

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WikiTree and the Power of Collaborative Genealogy

WikiTree is a collaborative genealogy website that has quickly become one of the go-to family tree websites for genealogists across the world. Founded in 2008 by Chris Whitten, WikiTree is a free online community that empowers genealogists to contribute to a single...

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