WikiTree-ID Copier

Note: This extension can only be installed on Google Chrome.

  1. Download the Wiki-ID.ZIP file and unpack it. If you downloaded this file to your "Downloads" folder, the location will be similar to "C:\Users\\Downloads\Wiki-ID". Once unpacked, the main folder can be found at "C:\Users\\Downloads\Wiki-ID Copier\".
  2. Open chrome://extensions in a new tab and enable the switch for "Developer Mode" (in the top right corner).
  3. Click on the "Load Unpacked" button in the top left corner and select the unpacked ZIP folder from Step #1. If the extension loaded correctly, you will see the extension shown like the image below.

  4. If you see the image above in your extensions view, you can now close the "Chrome://extensions" tab.

Navigate to a new WikiTree profile. Next to the "Name on Watchlist" field in the header will be a new button that shows the WikiTree-ID. Just give it a click - That's it!